EJTAG Debrick Utility based on BrJTAG


zJTAG is an EJTAG Debrick Utility based on BrJTAG. It also supports TIAO parallel port type cables and TIAO USB jtag adapters.

zJTAG supports many routers including WRT54G and you can add support to other routers easily.




 - Fixed a bug in fttest_reset() function
 - Fixed hang-up caused by infinite loop in Debug Module.
 - Fixed IR length detection bug with irlen=32
 - Added JTAG device count display
 - Added notice for highest clock speed.
 - Improved cpu and instruction length detection.
 - Added preliminary support for BCM4706 and BCM4716.
 - Added /debug switch to enable debug module.
 - Minor improvements.
 - Added /cable:wiggler and /cable:dlc5 switches
   for compatibility reasons.
 - Fixed a bug with /wiggler switch.
 - Added debug msgs for /wiggler and /cable... switches.
 - Re-Added diygadget switches for backward compatibility.
 - Added /byte_mode switch for 8-bit bus.
 - Added /wiggler switch for wiggler cable.
 - Included Linux direct drivers for Linux users.
 - Minor enhancements, as usual.
v1.3: Minor improvements.
v1.2: Added FTDI device information list.
v1.1: Fixed bug causing dma write error in 64-bit OS.
v1.0: Added support to FT2232C/D, J-Link, USBASP, STM32.
v0.9: Minor enhancements.
v0.8: Added support to TUMPA-Lite.
v0.7: Minor improvements.
v0.6: Fixed bug with /instrlen flag, added debug msg.
v0.5: Added support for 20 processor and 7 flash chips.
v0.4: Fixed bug with /delay flag.
v0.3: Added /delay param for tumpa jtag cable.
v0.2: Added support to FTA and blackcat jtag cable.
v0.1: Initial drop.


About Author:

zJTAG is currently developed and maintained by Volkan K.. It was based on BrJTAG and created to add new features and support for TIAO Corp. d/b/a DIYGADGET.COM products. Please visit http://www.tiaowiki.com/ and http://www.diygadget.com/ for more information about TIAO Corp. and its products.